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Anti-Social Media

Enhanced Community Connections

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Social Media

Vs. Society

When did social media start? What is social media? Social Media has been around for nearly two decades with very little understanding, very little structuring into the performance of our daily lives. The generations affected, seem to linger on and on into what we now know as the new norm of civil life in America.

Who knew during these collapsed decades of downward spiraling social inequality, that average American would spend so much time into a world of absolute, a life of uncertainty, an outcome of the ultimate de-civilization period thus far.

The cellular device usage and services, the urge of texting a message to a friend, being involved, keeping communities safe, getting to express every feeling and as much time as you can learn about whatever you can think. This is how people now operate. Losing the fundamentals of educations in the blocks of our social development schemes. Who's to blame for society's unaccomplishments and loss of the previous and gradual incline of adaptations in the United States.

To Email, to compose a complex message that is structured and designed to obtain/send out the language in which was developed through the hardships of English comprehension has been replaced by, in the most extreme scenario...a complete other language.
...and to communicate in this language, sadly... you might have to update a couple social profiles or so.

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Before & After

The Demographics

Before Social Media, the processes of... for example, communication was ideally, in the sense -inside the local provinces and environments. Today, for example -the outcome of communication is... , in a sense, very social media.

When I was younger, existing in a world with very little ease of nationwide social connections
(Cellphones and Emails) the social environments were seemingly different and distinct per area code. Today, I exist in a nation, that has become very social website. A person, per person, per post, per conversation.

For example... if you talk to a friend of yours in today's world, you could be just talking to the latest trends on many social media platforms. You could get many politicized opinions, and even input your own ideas into the website world. You might as well send out a post and tag them in it ?

The Social Media Mind

Inside of this living website world of the oncoming progressive nonexistent, we must alter the way communicate just to accommodate the rising social platforms.

The Social Media Language

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Social Media

The Achievements

In the age of Social Internet there have been many social implementations, the structuring in the American system of the civil integration.
The hardships, difficulties, emerging in social connecting usages has been a long process of apprehensions. Mainly awaiting systematic implications in which would prove to be of justification.

For example, in today you probably would be hesitant in performing physical tasks that involve, going a mere mile in distance.
Maybe you should post about it first. Maybe you should get approval from an action by having a button liked.
These , in some cases illegitimate, adaptations were not always in the human structuring of society.

Humanity has evolved, taught lessons by newer generations in this social media age where teachers and parents are spending more and more time guiding from social stories, in many cases... not local ones.

No ones would like to become a part of a social horror story or become in the bad light of a social media outlet. The fear of being disliked has overcome some of the very safety measures meant to be glorified for the systematic advancements.
These are some of the difficulties of development in the problematic social media world.
Whilst, instead you would expect the social behavior, as in the previous age of incline to be of emails and documentations for nationwide improvements and structuring.

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Local Leadership

A Convergence

In the present day local communities, there seems to be more implementations and pathways designed of social media reporting that people force fit into their local life and communities of the adhering social media posts.

There's a trending story on all social platforms. Does that mean your community far from the action must also act it out for it to actually exist. No... that doesn't mean your community far from the media needs to find a way to report it from within the local admiration of the newly established social media zone.

It's these senseless emerging problems of the present social media age complications,( though very fixable and can be adapted into for a very constructional civilization to America.) that cause catastrophic declines in the American culture.
Maybe we will select local leaders in their own communities to outreach their community leaders to perform mutual tasks to improve our systems !

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