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The Eidetic Memory: What Holiday is Today

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Without A Notion

Throughout society and within the animations of transitioning pixels there is often no set time frame for one to observe, such as the holidays (Halloween 2020 Christmas 2020 and Thanksgiving 2020). In theory, for a person to maintain a series of pixels they must first capture the detailed image of a thought.

In the individual thinking process there is often an emotion of misunderstanding. Of which the emotion can be categorized into a moment , this moment will soon be input into a notion. A notion can trigger a process of conceptual observation. Thus, a person can achieve from this prior observation, the altitude of a memory.

Or which emotion would be processed from an individual in the notion of a question ( what holiday is today? )

If and when a person has an idea, the conceptual observation becomes of the idea of a memory, an observation of potential memory, or the memory of faulty constructive detailing. In the conceptual observations of one individual there is also the potential of constructive growth.

In the growth of individuality there holds many potential memories without a notion, where the emotion of misunderstanding becomes a category of potential empty solutions. Thus, when and if a solution is created there is the potential of no observation or conceptual pixel of imagery as an eidetic memory.

In theory, a wish is the idea of ultimately having (a gift for Christmas) , not the idea of ultimately resolving. Yet if there was a potential conception of resolution , the idea of making a wish becomes the altitude of friendship in society.

Thus, the desired solution from a wish is not ideal for constructive purpose, impossible to achieve in the category of given time, or the resolution is unnecessary to the measures of post observable measurements in reality.
-and so the desired solution becomes a friendship in society because of the emotion of misunderstanding.

In the alternate reality of movies and device usage, there is little emotion in misunderstanding what holiday is today. This is because there are many solutions offered via iPhone, Galaxy , and internet. Inside of this alternate reality, there are many ideas of memory, with no conceptual observation (what holiday is today? vs the outcome of the holiday season) .
-Thus a person can have faulty desires for making a wish in concept, no altitude of many friendships as a result.
- Thus a person can achieve faulty friendships with no potential of constructive growth.

This is because true constructive growth is only in the potential of constructive observation. If a person in society maintains a memory, the altitude is like making a wish. In society these wishes ultimately offer the reality of friendships, not the reality of potential resolutions.

Thus, the result of a friendship in reality, does not exist in the emotion of misunderstanding, because the person who would make a wish has no real solution of potential constructive growth.

The main differences in alternating realities, are the differences in actual alternating realities. Not differences in the science fiction of an alternate reality.
- In reality, before there is conceptual observations there must first exist the imagery of actuality (a gift on Christmas day 2020).
- In the alternate reality, when there are conceptual observations there must first exist the pixels of constructive media ( the imagery of gifts ).

In individuality , there must first be individual choices. In these individual choices, there must first be a system of choosing.

What holiday is today? What to do this holiday season?

The Holiday season mainly consists of Thanksgiving 2020, Halloween 2020 and Christmas 2020, as the systems of choosing.

To celebrate the holidays will become the individual choices from the individuality of a person or groups of people.

These conceptual observations must be possible to achieve, worth the potential altitude, or worthy of personal growth- thus without the thought of making a wish or without actually making a memory (or becoming an eidetic Memory) . Yet these same observations must come after the system of choosing. With the conceptual observations of reality . The wish of making a wish using the eidetic memory and always keeping educational values of individuality.

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