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Recently, throughout the many major changes we face during our adaptions to the covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic- there accompanies a variety of advanced modifications to the educational system.

International Students:
Executive Order

A Post from Univeristy of Washington

University of Washington - International Students Online

-America and the existence of Media Entertainment

A Post from City University of New York

City University of New York: International Students must leave the country

-America and the existence of Economical Inequality

2009 Executive Order:

2009: Public Affairs and Ethics

Posts from Harvard

Harvard - Withdrawal from World Health Organization

Harvard and MIT - Sue For Foreign Students in The U.S

-America and the existence of Peer-to-Peer Education



The Existence of Media Entertainment

Once I wrote something similar to:

"The worse thing that has ever happened to me was becoming a teenager / being a teenager"

Being a teenager in the emergence of the previous American system of media was something similar -I'd like to imagine, to the culture shock for international students entering a new country.

Aside from language and personality difficulties, I wonder what it would be like to enter a new country for the main purpose of acquiring an education, or gaining knowledge for the result of having a career or future in the world not excluding media development -Media Entertainment.

In the world of the American System, is also the American Affairs

International students - to American students ,

Strongly differs

International students - to International students,

For example:

In prior peer-relations, my educational ventures as a teenager and adolescent, I have found that having an international student as a friend is more like having an American student as a friend.

Having a American student as a friend is more like having a educational-entertainer as a study partner and a friend for non-educational values.

I categorize these as American Affairs, because they have extreme case scenarios in which a foreign exchange student or International Student would not have a true American experience, Yet a possible future with a great career or being very educated in the American system- though distinct from the American society.

The Extreme Case Scenarios:

International Friend:
Finds more common ground in other foreign or international students, in the future , never having a true connection due to foreign desires of acquiring education. Maintaining a high value in the system of education yet always misunderstanding the American culture.

American Friend:
Finds more common ground in the wealth media entertainment: Losing an understanding friend after they find more understanding to the acts or words of their favorite media entertainer - In the future , always having to falsify the meaning of similar interests. Never maintaining a true connection due to the desires of relatable media.



The Existence of Economical Inequality

city of delaware

In the regions of Economics, there are indeed economical inequalities.

The Ethics and Morals of education differ by the regions, or the value in the educational system differs by the values of the students- existing in the regions of higher educational values, having more ethics and morals by first the systems of education.

In student economics- the economical agendas by regions have varying allocations of importance.

The agenda for some students living in the city may differ from students taking online classes, living in rural areas.

During the pandemic, the economical agendas by students living in extremely populated city differs from foreign students living in extremely populated cities.

During the pandemic the economical agendas by many countries differ from other countries in comparison with the educational values for the post- Work Force developmental measures.

Students living in regions where higher educational value exists must also live in regions where higher economical agendas exist.

A Foreign exchange -International Student, existing in regions where higher economical agendas exist is bound to harvest the essential skills needed to succeed in these regions.

-Although the International Student does not harvest the essential developmental milestones of the economics in the culture of the region's society to successfully connect with the region's overall standing educational value.

The 2009 Executive Order States:

Lobbyist Gift Ban:
"I will not accept gifts from registered lobbyists or lobbying organizations for the duration of my service as an appointee."

Making it unlawful to gift for the influence of making or creating laws.

Though in favor of the successful academic International student who establishes a successful American career, the student maintains only the essential skills to succeed in a region based on the educational gifts of the society in which the student attends.

This creates a situation where the international student has very limited time to adhere to the society of America -Media Entertainment. Yet more time to establish the educational system of America -Economical Inequality.

With companies going digital in America -Media Entertainment. This creates a system of America more inclined to unequal destinations. Unequal educational influences for the international students.

Though America's systems are constantly changing for more balanced equations.



The Existence of Peer-to-Peer Education

city of delaware

Education- once upon a time, existed in the strict components of mainly reading and writing / question and answers (by the book).

With advances in technology, media entertainment - a change in the dynamics of teaching has formed more effective methods of how students learn and how teachers teach.

My life as a college student, only taking online classes, I know first hand of how students learning only from an online platform lack their true potential of peer-to-peer academics.

My life as a college student, only taking online classes, I know first hand of how students only taking online classes benefit in a more self-paced, less distracting environment.

International Student-Programs, Foreign Exchange students only taking online classes goes against the deteriorating mental health of human society.

If I am taking an online class, there is a graded social interaction based on the subject of questions, for the comfort and acknowledgments of my peers and my professor.

With the best graded social interaction from my online class, I'm also required to gain the answers of my peers graded social responses based on the subject of the same questions.

In the deteriorating human society , communication is one of the biggest downfalls, based on how people communicate.

If people can't communicate effectively, how are they inclined to perform essential tasks effectively? Or work in fields such as health organizations where communication is just as vital as the science of the society.

In the current construction of the American Educational System, how fair is it for a foreign exchange student to complete school, or learn education only from taking online classes.

Before International Student-programs take on only online classes, it's best in my opinion for the American systems to adapt to the media entertainment affects on the American Society-

Not offer our visitors hardships in their journeys for careers in our society and educational objectives in our schools.


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