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Society has revolutionized and formed over many social designs for many years. Much like the scale of a picture to a frame... society also has an edge in which cannot be perfectly compared to the other. Alike to the scale of the designs in a particular portrait. It cannot be perfected into another design , of the same dimensions.

It's easier in ecology for an animal to climb to seek than for in sociology a human to acknowledge the objects or surrounding things... giving in a particular setting, or for the duration of the animals sense of mobility. This is more likely due to the ecologically determinations of the animal , which are not usually by the precision of physical memory but the precision of presumable desired action.

Sociologically , a person may not choose to or have a desire to acknowledge the determinations of society. If there is a frame without a picture then the frame is unused to the design in which society has prepared the frame to be in use of. And so develops an opinion into a form thus undeveloped in ecology.

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Pre and Post

If in society , giving the sculpture of a glass for example, would create a pre-imaging aspect than the post of in ecology the reflection of water to... for example a group of mammals drinking from a water source.

In Ecology, there could be many variables in the pre-processing steps linking an animal to the reflection of water (given the animal's presumed desired actions) into finally drinking from a source of water.

In sociology the imagery of a sculpted piece of glass, given the individual memory and education of sculpted arts in glass, it may prove difficult for the person to relate to the post of for example, a window. And so the meaning and measurement in the use of a sculpted glass object may not the best measurements in the realm of society, though having sociologically variables.

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In Sociology, its complicated... the responses not to a particular person or group but the similarities between the responses in a given time frame of a particular region or domination of people.
Its complicated in Ecology, the actions of a particular animal in a unpopulated set niche, and the same actions from the same animal in a populated area.

This creates an oxymoron in ecology, yet sustains a variable in ecological observable studies. The only valid measurement one might look for in an animal performing the same actions in both distinct regions is the amount of time the animal performs these similar actions. The extent of the actions performed would be irrelevant in the same context of sociology.

In society the actions performed by people is a developmental process in ecology. Which creates an oxymoron in sociology, yet sustains a variable in both psychological and sociological studies. The only valid measurement one might look for in a people performing similar actions in various locations is the extent of the persons responses from society in the same or similar varying operations of service.

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In society and in the measures of sociology... it differs unnaturally to ecology, in a way that dooms incompatible for similarly the broad study of psychology in aspects of both the sociological and ecological realms.

In the realm of sociology it would be detrimental to individually study the psychological aspects to the factors of ecology. Yet in society it is acceptable to determine the responses both mentally and physically for gender and sex.

Ecologically , theoretically , an animal overtime may develop certain physical traits to adhere to their environment. In ecologic studies, its proven for characteristics to play a role in how an animal might attract a mate or how an animal might co-exist with other species. In society , theoretically , people over a period of time may prove to be incompatible for the sake of their own observable detriments, from their desired service of operations.

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