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Music Track Played On 0mfq Official Site ! Music Playlist For Discovery And Indie Artists can submit their music and songs for creative media and social sharing on 0mfq for Writing Center and social club. For Soundcloud and other full length best streaming services be sure to submit music for webpage. Considering all genres and subgenres for music business and creative writing literature.

Track and content Preview Development of Online Services For Free Apple Music Submissions, Apple music and Spotify Playlist. Apple Music Submissions and Previews available on Apple Music Submissions Page

Current independent artists featured on 0mfq can provide their website or social media profiles for music and song placement. Artists will also receive emails if any change is made with their music placements on . Submissions guidelines are found on main page of websites and be sure to check out writing center for also submitting essays articles and other ideas for our writing blogs and social postings.