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Whether you have installed and re-installed SSL, never installed an SSL Certificate, or maybe you're just not sure the steps it would take to successfully install SSL for you website or subdomain. What is domain validation ssl certificate? what is ssl?

First follow the link below and follow the pictures and steps below

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For your Website (Www) or Subdomain ( Prepare to download a file to the folders below that you must create.
1. Create File ".well-known"
2. Click inside of the ".well-known" Folder
3. Create File "pki-validation"
For (Www) create folders inside Public_html/ . For subdomains Create folders inside of the subdomain folder.

how to get free ssl certificate

When you have created these folders input the download inside of the "pki-validation" folder for site verification. Then you want to make sure its verified Next.

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When the site is verified you will then have option to download .crt Certification key , Private.key , and ca_bundle. Once you have these files you can place them inside of your "pki-validation" to view and then copy into your Web Hostings SSL section .

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These include Tips on how to get free SSL certificate from ZeroSSL. Free SSL certificate will give your website a secure site information when users visit your website or subdomain. You will have connection is secure next to your site when you visit your website. Valid certificate usually lasts several months and your information is private when it is sent to this site. Starting a website is a good idea for your new business, blogs or for a literature hobby or project. also has free SSL certificates for new websites. Creating a new website be sure to also add basic files new robots.txt index.html or index.php, a sitemap file (sitemap.xml) and your public .html file will also have .well-known folder. You can also add .html codes to php folders. and avoid the err ssl protocol error

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err ssl protocol error


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