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Why Do I Hate Myself?

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Why I hate Text SMS Messaging.

I've always hated Text-Messaging (SMS). To send a message to another person has always been a challenge for me , maybe for you as well. Given the systematic progressions of how people process the ease of use developments in society it might seem easy to understand, the need or greed for more. When you send one text message, you expect a reply.

When you send many text messages, you expect many replies. Once you join a massive messaging service, you expect many messaging interactions.

When applied- the systematic progressions of how people - as a evolving - device processing human race, it should be easy to understand: the ultimate greed of control. This ultimate control of self identity is the main reason why I've always hated texting other.

Not because of many text messages, nor because of texting in general. But because the progression of text messaging as an entire age of ethic form. Personalities just come up too short of what they used to be.

"I miss you"

For example: when texting was a new thing... this was the weirdest thing to read on a device. Soon after for example: "IMY" became a popular and an easy slang alternative for the term. When applied, the systematic progressions of how people process as human beings, you may find it easy to understand... an emerging system of supply and demand for faulty emotional or controlling results based off of a once simple message of confusion.

"I miss you":

In the terms of missing someone , is now a phrase for mainly one meaning, as opposed to

"I miss you":

In the terms of a human being actually missing another human being.

For example, imagine if you couldn't send this simple text message to someone. If you exist in the current progressions of humanity like the rest of the world, you would actually find it hard to get the message across to even your own train of thought. It's nearly impossible, due to the simple fact that you've trained yourself to send a text message saying:

"I miss you":

Even worse- the person that you're going to send the text message to, is also trained to receive a meaningful text message saying:

"I miss you":

When you also apply the natural yet irregular processing systems of our society, you should find it easy to understand... without sending a message saying

"I miss you":

clearly means:

"I don't miss you at all"

Even worse, the

"I don't miss you at all"


Text never actually exists.

Faster text messages? Free texting apps? Unlimited Texting ! iPhones and Androids, Social Messaging Websites ! The madness continues...
Now , it's so easy to understand the nature of texting, yet so difficult to process the nature of the meanings of text.

It's far too easy to pretend to know a person from the dynamics of texting. It's far too easy , not to understand a person's unique values that make-up simple friendships, person to person individual processing between one another . There is almost no existing system for the aspects that make-up a best friend.
Best friends: they just don't exist anymore.

I actually once wondered as an adolescent: Why do I hate myself? If I could give myself an answer now:
'You dont hate yourself, you just hate texting.' Would be the answer.
Sometimes I miss the natural communication patterns across varying groups of people and societies.

In Primates Phys.org Communication and Human Speech is simplified into the most basic form of mere sounds, in exchange for communicative understandings.

Somewhere in the midst of human development and digital/electronic development , people have stopped processing their unique forms of texting actual messages. Do you remember?
The systematic process of individual relation to relation building. The process of:

My Heritage = This.
Your Heritage = This.

So somehow without being able to send a text message we've got to get messages across to one another.

I just don't remember, for some odd reason.

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