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0mfq.com ...| has an overall goal of bringing forth new dynamics of styles to the world of writing.
Creating unique and diverse works in blogs, articles, and posts to share a design for a 'Record' in writing .

1 Record on 0mfq is a credit used to determine the score of a user on website.
A user with the most records will be rank 1.

Admin Users also have records which will not show on the score's page.

Instead the site Admin will be responsible of helping user records find placement categories

Which includes creating categories to which unique styles of writing can exist.

Ultimately writing records will have the option to be placed on the blogs front page

A user can then recreate or post another article to obtain another record in scores.

All other duties and objectives will be listed on the official Admin Article.

Admin || Form

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  • [Why do you want to admin for 0mfq.com ? ]

  • [Average time on website?]
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