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Now Accepting all Spotify genre Music and other streaming song releases for Spotify Web Player and writing center social club. To submit to Spotify web player click submit button above and include spotify embedded link for featuring and playlist discovery. Accepting Apple Music for playlists Tidal music playlists and Soundcloud music for things to do near me.

Streaming Playlists, music and content Preview developments For Free Apple Music Submissions, Apple music and Spotify Playlists. Apple Music Submissions and Previews available on Submit playlists on Submissions Page

Spotify Music: Previews

Spotify music submissions including recently released, playlist previews, and indie artist's musical profiles, are best for streaming apple music for above submissions. Acoustic styles of original songs are also accepted.

Submit your favorite Indie Artist Songs or Featuring Indie Artists from various playlists and streaming platforms. The Artist, Title, Genre, and sharing Embed code are required for submissions via email on . »Submissions Page.

The Apple streaming music should be recently released within the last year. Indie musicians can also share their submitted music via url link with custom artwork and custom color themes for their music streaming previews. Indie Artists or Indie Musician Fans can include writings, colors, and other suggestions for their submissions via email for consideration.

No free music downloads or streaming music not currently on acoustic indie streaming playlists, accepting folk rock, Emo, punk rock, alternative and other acoustic sub-genres fun things to do near me.