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0mfq is an online writing center that accepts writing projects providing user-created categorized project placements for the writings.

A Currency for Owners and Leaders to distribute token to members or/and receive 0MFQ token from website
by claiming reward on website for written guides to their members
or written articles for the public or open audiences, guests, or those of interest
for joining a group or accessing a member's group's guides or official writings of the members in leadership roles .

(e.g. mmorpg guild leaders, diy and tutorial guru's)

Writers of Leaders usernames are different color than normal users

User-projects or a user's previous writings can also be held in records, currency , with honoring system for the amount of posts approved.

An honoring system exists for obtaining and using values in administrative experience, innovative socialism , subject creations,

introducing realms of currency as an additional value to a sole identity or profile each user creates as an writer.

Each time a user requests currency
The currency requested will increase based only on the user profile existing for a time period and the approved user records!

As both a Blogs and Articles Native, 0mfq allows only one active article per user profile.

Guide To Posting

Any user can create and edit a post (blog or article) .

However there is an approval process for every category except for the [Articles] standard category.

Upon approval of post in another category, a user can then add more posts to their records and with each post approved, a user is rewarded currency in addition to their new record.

Each record has a different currency reward.

Once a user gains more records per more approvals for each new article or blog they are now potentially competing to enter the ranks in Top Users.


A User should not post sensitive topics regarding persons legal names, companies, or any directed abusive content .

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